50 activities in 2018

In 2017 I found myself too many times sitting on sofa saying I have nothing to do. That didn’t mean that my todo list would be empty, but I’ve been looking for something more physically challenging, more adventurous activities than bashing code on my laptop.

For 2018 I challenged myself to try 50 different activites and/or sports. This idea was originated from Finlands 100 year birthday, that came with all kinds of 100 this and 100 that challenges. 100 different activities sounded like too much, so I set myself  more realistic goal of testing 50 different things. I also had in mind that I might find hobbies that I’d like to do more than just once, so had to reserve some time for those as well!

Theres more into these hobbies. I’ve been really into videomaking, filming and editing. I decided I would make a video out of every activity I try and upload them to Instagram / Youtube.

Beginning of the year was a bit slow, I had only 3 activities done in early March. Then again, as weather gets warmer it will be easier to do 2-3 activities a week, so so far the pace is good enough!

You can follow the challenge on this page