Professional goals for 2019

As I writing a blog post about my 4 F’s to focus on 2019, I thought it’d be better to dig deeper on work related goals in separate post.

The past

I’ve been doing various professions throughout my ‘career’. For last few years, I’ve been mostly freelancing as web developer. Having subcontracted for few web agencies, it has made my job very straight forward and easy to create value remotely.

I’ve been working with multiple digital agencies building website projects with them. Due to subcontracting agreements I can’t specify projects publicly. Few of my own projects inlcude customers like HAUS kehittämiskeskus Oy, Rainmaker Group and TrainEngage Oy.

For these projects my focus has been on development. All mentioned projects have been done as custom themes for WordPress, which is main go-to content management platform. Going deeper in to technical details and acronyms, my skill stack is PHP, MySQL, SCSS, VueJS, jQuery, GIT, CLI, NPM, Composer, grunt

Web development

If you’ve read my blog or follow me on social media, you might have noticed I have a huge passion for action sports and active lifestyle. My hobbies like skydiving and kitesurfing has changed me as a person, and in 2019 I want to shift every aspect of my life more in to that direction.

Professionally it means that I’m looking forward working with clients in that field. Lifestyle clothing/gear brands, recreational centers or athletes could be ideal customers to support this direction.

What I’ll bring to the table? I have over 10 years of experience in web development and online business in general. I understand technical side of projects and have good sense of modern online marketing and branding.

I’ll help you navigate between DOs and DON’Ts in digital space, so you’ll reach your customers more efficiently and serve them even better than before.

Content creation

As action sports enthusiast, I want share my experiences and the feeling in my sports to everybody. For last 2 years I’ve been getting more in to photo- and videography, to learn new ways of telling powerful stories and actually showing things instead of only telling of them.

While this is not something I’m professional in just yet, I’ve figured out that learn the best by doing things. My target is to shoot 5 small scale, but paid, video productions in 2019.

As part of content creation, my more or less unique hobbies has opened conversations with few different production companies, in order to tell their customers’ stories thru action sports. I believe there’s ways to create something eye-catching yet touching stories, that affect people beyond adrenaline junkies.

Call to Action

Let’s talk. Even if you’re not shopping for help right this minute, get in touch and let’s talk about what kind of difficulties you’re facing.

I prefer long term clients, but if schedules are okay, don’t mind taking a project that lasts only few days. If you’re not ready for it just yet, read few of my blog posts and take a look at my Instagram.