Everyday adventures


Tom – a photographer and entrepreneur who got involved in adventure sports by scuba diving and skydiving.

I became acquainted with scuba diving in 2009 while living in Thailand. After moving back to Finland, the cold and thick waters did not interest me – I ended up diving from the plane using a few bends.

Today, I work as a freestyle and flight attendant trainer. When I don’t fly, I hike and exercise actively – I find myself climbing rocks or ice, running, hiking. I also work as a guide in climbing.

I work extensively in the media industry. I do my best to be able to work on my own passions, both at work and in my spare time.

Are you interested in action and adventure packed times anywhere in Finland? Look no further, I got you covered.

While Finland doesn’t have any real mountains (highest point being at Halti, 1324 meters), we a lot of natural rock formations and high cliffs to explore and experience. Fancy trying abseiling/rappelling or rock climbing outdoors while visiting Finland? Send me a message and lets plan a trip.

Fancy the best view of the country of 1000 lakes? Get yourself signed up for a tandem skydive – There’s 14 skydiving centres across Finland, so where ever you visiting, you can go airborne quite easily!

Looking for something different? I have contacts that can organise pretty much any kind of trips you wish for.

Helicopter dropoff packrafting excursion in the arctic circle, in a rocky national park of Vätsäri? Consider it done.

Send me a message on any social channels or via email, and lets plan a trip of a lifetime!